• Ajameson1

    Liquid Glass Blog 2

    February 5, 2010 by Ajameson1

    Ever since I was young, my cousin Chris and I were like two lab rats when we were left about our business at family parties. I still remember today the red work bench we would sit on in the storage room with a roll of tin foil, tape, rubber bands, and various other random supplies. About 15 years later, Chris and I are no different. Just the other day he sent me an article from the website Physorg is basically a site dedicated to any form of science, be it natural or physical, and has all the hot news on the up and coming. Chris sent me an article titled, "Spray on liquid glass." Naturally I was extremely interested, clicked to the site and began to read. Spray on Natural glass constitutes the molecular build up of Silicon Dio…

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